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"Are you sick of having to redo your promotional material just because someone forgot to include some basic detail - like the date?"

Do you wish you could stop fixing simple mistakes and focus on planning and delivering your best event ever?

Whether you are planning an association meeting, a corporate event or a national business conference, coordinating any special event, organizing a company function or an annual convention, you have come to the right place.

I can help make organising wildly successful and profitable events easier and simpler than ever before!

Kerrie Mullins-Gunst Hi. My name is Kerrie Mullins-Gunst and I am a professional speaker with 25 years of experience organising and presenting at conferences, meetings and events across Australia, New Zealand, England, Canada, the USA and Japan. Over the years I've seen some outstandingly successful, memorable and profitable events, plus a few others everyone would rather forget.

A couple of years ago I received an expensive, full colour flier promoting a national seminar series that had type too small to read and a registration form that didn’t explain what was included in the different fees. So I gave up. I threw it in the bin and grumbled about some people needing a hand getting their brochures right.

The very next day, I arrived at another event only to discover an empty venue because the date printed on that brochure was wrong! Can you believe that? It was then that I decided I had to to do something about it.

Now, I know organising an event is hard work. It's often done under intense time pressure with dozens of competing demands on your attention and so many details which have to be just right. And most professional event planners are very good. I know these things are true because for more than 25 years I've organised or presented at events in numerous countries around the world.

But when everyone is so busy, or when someone on your team is less experienced, it's too easy for a detail to be overlooked that can make you appear unprofessional or downright silly! And there really is only one way to be certain nothing gets overlooked. You need a system, a proven formula, a checklist to guide you - to make absolutely certain you never miss any detail, no matter how often you put an event together.

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And here it is! Your secret weapon. A comprehensive checklist which lists the 59 things you absolutely must do BEFORE you print your brochure. It includes not only all the basic details which should be included in your advertising or promotional material, but a wealth of innovative ideas to market your event properly and boost your registrations.

No one who plans conferences, meetings or events - or who leads an event planning team - can afford to be without this detailed 59 point checklist.

Don't make these mistakes!

As a professional speaker, over the years I’ve seen brochures printed without any dates, which neglected to name the city a national conference was to be held in, and even one instance where thousands of expensive brochures had to be reprinted because the sponsor’s logo was upside down. And I've lost count of how many embarrassed follow-up email notices I've received saying things like "The venue should be…" or "Please note the event is NOT free. The registration fee was left off our earlier notice." Don't you make any of these mistakes.

It can be heartbreaking for event organisers, not to mention financially devastating, if even a minor detail is wrong or overlooked. That is why I developed this checklist to help meeting planners like you, get everything right first time and without fail, quickly and easily, no matter how large or small your event.

How much is it worth? I can hear you asking. Well that's hard to say. It could save you tens of thousands of dollars if it prevents you making some of the silly mistakes I've seen other people make.

What if it just saves you an hour or two of time checking details? How much do you value your time at? $200 an hour? $100? What is the value of your peace of mind when you send your brochure off to the printer or email or post it out?

But I'm not going to charge you thousands or even hundreds of dollars for it. (In fact if you book me to speak on leadership or mentoring at your event I will give it to you for nothing with my compliments.) But if you don't need a speaker for your event, you can buy it now for much less than it is worth.

I am so keen to see you running even better events that I will sell it to you for just $17! That's less than the cost of your photocopying, or the coffee at one of your event team planning meetings.

Bonus: And if that's not enough, each week I will send you a free bonus email offering great ideas and tips for organising Even Better Events email tips. Don't delay. Buy your copy of Hold the Presses Checklist now.

Price $17 (USD plus GST if you are Australian) 59 point eBook, 8 pages, pdf format (453KB). You can download it to use immediately!

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But wait! There's more. For some time now I've been sharing the best ideas I see, as I present and organise events, in my weekly Even Better Events email tips. Maybe you have been receiving them.

So many meeting and event planners tell me just how useful you find them and how eager you are for the next idea to arrive.

Some of you have told me how you try to remember to save them all. Some people even print them out each week to have them close by.

So I have finally taken the hint!

I have collated them all into a handy collection so you can find the idea you are after, and you get to take a sneak look at the tips which haven't arrived yet!

Here it is at last: Even Better Events - The Book! (Well actually 'The Books' as there are already two volumes.)

Even Better Events - Volume 1 contains 26 powerful yet simple tips for marketing, managing and organising your best event ever.

Just some of the ideas included in Volume 1:

  • Tip 2 explains how to create a real buzz with prizes, and where to source them.
  • Tip 13 offers a great way to add value for your sponsors at virtually no extra cost to you.
  • Tip 17 explains eleven different ways to have some of your participants keen to pay more for your event than others.
  • Tip 18 is one of my favourite ideas for dramatically boosting attendance at your next event.
  • plus another 22 great tips and ideas.

Price $17 (USD plus GST if you are Australian) eBook, 34 pages, pdf format (266KB). You can download it to use immediately!

Buy Even Better Events Vol 1 now! Use our secure shopping cart to buy with your credit card or PayPal account and you can be reading these great ideas immediately.

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These tips are powerful and effective. They really work! Look at the sorts of things people who use them have to say:

"This one is a little gem. Thanks for this hint - it's one I will run with from now on!

The whole package of goods and services you offer, combined with the excellent follow through, is an example we should all follow."

Elaine Dickson, National Director, Australian Institute of Office Professionals


Even Better Events - Volume 2 contains another 26 powerful yet simple tips for marketing, managing and organising your best event ever.

Some of the ideas included in Volume 2 are:

  • Tip 27 which explains one of the most important reasons why people attend meetings, conferences and events.
  • Tip 33 offers six different things you might try to achieve with your meeting.
  • Tip 40 lists more than a dozen sources of potential income for your event other than registration fees. Are you missing any that you should be using?
  • Tip 47 describes the three different types of speaker you can use on your program and explains when to use each one for maximum impact and value.
  • plus another 22 great tips and ideas.

Price $17 (USD plus GST if you are Australian) eBook, 34 pages, pdf format (242KB). You can download it to use immediately!

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If you are a conference, meeting or event planner keen to ensure you run even better events I know you will want all three eBooks, so I would like to make it easy for you to Take the Lot!

If you buy right now I will give you all three eBooks for the price of only two! That's right! I have combined all three eBooks into one bumper edition for only $34 instead of the $51 it would cost if you purchased them separately! This special offer is only available from this page.

Bonus: And if that's not enough I will also include a free subscription to my weekly Even Better Events email tips. Don't delay. Buy now.

Special Price only $34 (USD plus GST if you are Australian) eBook, 77 pages, pdf format (944KB) so you can download it to use immediately! (Note: this eBook is a compilation of all three eBooks in one single file)

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Your purchase comes with a minimum, unconditional 30 day guarantee. If you have any problems or you are dissatisfied for any reason, simply contact me at our Help Desk and request a refund. We will cheerfully replace your order or refund your money - which ever you prefer.

You Just Can't Lose With Our Simple Risk Free Guarantee.

The risk is all mine. Could anything be fairer than that?

Order now and you will receive all three eBooks in one special collection. You can have access to everything you need to know in moments. You need never worry about organising successful events again.

Do you only want the free weekly tips for now? That's OK. All you have to do is Click here and complete the form and I will send them to you, one each week, with my compliments. When you see how useful they are I'm sure you will want to buy the eBooks. Of course I will also send them to you when you do purchase (unless you don't want to receive them.) Either way, I know you will be delighted.

Kind regards,

Kerrie Mullins-Gunst

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PPPS. Even the most successful conference, meeting and event organisers value this checklist and tips, and I know you will too!

Grab it now and you can be well on the way to Even Better Events today!


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